10 Reasons Why To Choose Us

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1. Experience – With over 10 years of general dental experience and Assistant staff with over 20years experience in making your dental visit pleasurable, we have the experience to make you smile.

2. Easy Payment Plans – We understand how expensive quality dentistry can be and offer interest free, no deposit payment plans.

3. Innovation in treatment – We provide many treatments which would not normally be carried out in a general practice, thus allowing us to provide a wider range of treatment options to our patients.

4. Investment in technology – You cannot do a great job without the best equipment.  We have a commitment to invest in the most modern and state of the art investigative equipment including 3D XRay.

5. Training and education – Dr Justin Ward has extensive specialised training in the area of dental implants. Currently, there is no requirement for formalised training of dental assistants in Australia. In our practice however, all staff have formal qualifications or are currently attending training courses.

6. Gentle and caring environment – Everyone gets nervous seeing a new dentist but some patients have a genuine phobia about treatment. We are trained in looking after even the most nervous patient offering various relaxation techniques including nitrous oxide and IV sedation.

7. Guarantee of success – Most of our treatments are covered by a long term guarantee which will be discussed with you before beginning treatment.

8. Strict adherence to infection control – We regard your safety and wellbeing above all else. Our sterilizing equipment is state of the art and we feel our infection control procedures are second to none. It is our belief that these values are not universal in the profession.

9. Commitment to oral health – We are committed to providing you with optimum oral health care.  Our experience hygiene department will tailor a program specifically for you.

10. Friendly and Caring staff – We love what we do at Arthur Street Dental and do our best to serve you with a smile at all times.