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As a commitment to providing you with comprehensive dental care, we have established within our practice a dedicated hygiene department. Our highly qualified and experienced dental hygienist is a valuable member of the Arthur Street Dental team who provides a range of dental care treatments for adults and children.

Root planing and scaling is a treatment therapy completed by our hygienist, which involves the removal of plaque and tartar build-up from the tooth surface and below your gum-line. This is an important total oral care procedure as removal of tartar cannot be achieved by brushing and flossing. Our hygienist can also remove stains and polish your teeth to achieve a whiter, fresher smile.

Our hygienist will often take x-rays and make impression moulds from which study casts, mouthguards and whitening trays can be made. They can also apply pit and fissure sealant to prevent decay developing in back molar teeth of children as well as provide fluoride treatments when necessary.

Having extensive knowledge on the relationship between diet and oral health enables our hygienist to provide valuable oral health education information and advice on achieving and maintaining your long-term oral health. They can help you develop and implement an effective at home care routine and give you tips on caring for your children’s teeth to ensure they remain strong and healthy. Our hygienist will conduct examinations of your teeth and gums, often working collaboratively with Dr Ward during your appointment.

Our hygienist provides helpful advice on effective brushing and flossing techniques to keep your teeth and gums healthy between appointments.

Contact Arthur Street Dental Practice now to make an appointment with our dental hygienist.

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