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The importance of kids’ oral health

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Kids oral health is important from the moment those first few teeth shoot through your child's gums. While its not necessary to start brushing straight away, its good to get started as young as possible so your child starts to familiarise themselves with a toothbrush. After all, it wont be long until your child has all her teeth and oral health becomes a lot more important. But getting a child to brush his or her teeth is easier said than done. In our practice, we use a lot of stimulating things to excite the children about their oral health.For example, when fidget spinners were the in gadget to own, ...

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How to Pack a 'Tooth-Friendly' Lunch for Your Child

Kid in School | Arthur Street Dental

When packing up your kids’ lunches and sending them off to their kinders or primaries, it may not cross your mind that what they eat at lunchtime or snacktime will remain on their teeth until they get home or bedtime. What you pack for your child’s lunch can have an impact on their oral health and their risk for cavities.

At Arthur Street Dental, we provide nutritional counselling as part of our children’s dentistry programme in our Coffs Harbour, NSW dental clinic.

Of course, kids want their favourite foods, so rather than waiting for a battle to ensue, or find out your kids have traded your carefully thought-out meal for another ...

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How do dentists treat their own kids?

: When it comes to kids’ oral health, no-one knows more than a dentist. But getting kids into the h

When it comes to kids’ oral health, the key is to make things exciting. True, flossing is hardly a fun way to pass the time, but if you accompany each lesson with a song and dance, chances are your children will be more willing to pay attention.

I have two kids of my own: a seven and four-year-old. My daughter, the youngest, has proved especially headstrong when it comes to brushing her teeth. The key, I soon found, was to make it as fun as possible. I resorted to what I like to call ‘the fruit bat’ technique: holding her upside down by her feet while she brushed away.

Helping kids ...

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