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Easy payment plans for dental treatment

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Cost of living pressures seem to be increasing every day, and many people simply don't have the upfront cash to visit the dentist as regularly as they need to. At our practice, we offer payment plans for dental treatments, to make sure that our patients feel as comfortable as possible about their visit to the dentist. Patients just need to speak to the practice manager, Lisa, and she can set up a payment plan. We actually use one company called DentiCare—it's interest free and we usually do a six to 12-month payment plan, depending on the treatment. There is one small set-up fee, and that's, I think, around $30 ...

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7 top tips for healthy teeth between check-ups

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You want to keep your teeth healthy between check-ups. It will save you money and make life much more comfortable. There are a few top tips I have, though, to ensure your teeth stay in the best condition possible.

Top teeth tip: Brush your teeth for two minutes

To give your teeth the care and attention they need, I recommend brushing for two minutes, twice a day. While some patients seem to think a quick 10-second spruce does the job, it doesn't. It just means you will end up having to see dentists like me more often. No-one wants that! I recommend setting a timer on your phone to get the ...

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How bad is coffee for my teeth?

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Most people love their morning coffee. But, like many of our favourite foods and drinks, coffee can potentially cause problems for your teeth.

What's the problem with coffee

Coffee contains tannins that stain teeth and creates acid that can damage tooth enamel. The addition of sweeteners also creates a bacterial playground in your mouth, setting up prime conditions for dental decay and halitosis (bad breath).

However, the most apparent effects of when coffee and teeth meet is not particularly threatening but cosmetic. Tannins in coffee will eventually stain teeth, turning those high-beam pearly whites into yellow-hued sodium lights.

Do I have to give up coffee?

Not all. Certain coffees actually have compounds that help prevent ...

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Debunking the most common dental misconceptions

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Sadly, too many dental patients are nervous when it comes to going to the dentist, often owing to a bad experience as a kid or to dental urban legends! We deal with a lot of these myths in our practice newsletter, but in this blog, I want to debunk some of the most common dental misconceptions that I hear from my patients.

Root canal work doesn't cause cancer

I blame Google and Facebook for this one. The number one dental myth that my patients ask me about is whether root canals cause cancer. Unfortunately, I hear a lot of crazy things now owing to articles circulating on the internet and social ...

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What Can I Do About My Stained Teeth?

Stained Teeth Treatment | Arthur Street Dental | Coffs Hharbour

Stained teeth can be embarrassing, making people feel too awkward to smile or even talk to others. In this article we'll tell you about what causes teeth staining and what you can do about it.

What causes stained teeth?

Stained teeth are most often acquired by drinking coffee and tea, wine, and smoking. If a food or drink stains your clothing its more than likely it can stain your teeth.

However, food and drink isn't always the culprit. Sometimes stains are caused by conditions we have little control over like aging and damaged enamel. Also, certain medications can stain your teeth from the inside out. So can underlying medical or dental conditions.

What ...

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Why 6-Monthly Check-ups Are So Important

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It’s that time of the year again – seeing your dentist. You may not want to go, and may even consider cancelling the appointment, but don’t! Your dentist holds one of the keys to your overall health, both in the short- and long-term. If you remain undecided, here are four key reasons why your dental check-up is so important for your health:

They can address plaque, tartar, and cavities.

Even if you brush and floss diligently, plaque and tartar can still build up in your mouth. Regular cleanings help remove them before they lead to damage. And a cleaning will cost less than filling a cavity. However, if your dentist does ...

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Why Dental Health Is So Important For Your Overall Health

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True or false: The condition of your mouth can say quite a bit about your overall health? Answer: True!

How is this possible? Just like most other parts of your body, your mouth contains bacteria. A lot, in fact. But the mere existence of bacteria isn’t bad… actually, it is good. The problem is that when you aren’t in the best health, the amount of bacteria in your mouth becomes unbalanced. This can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral infections. Conditions that affect your dental health include:

  • Diabetes. This condition reduces your body’s ability to fight infections, which puts your overall health – including your dental health - ...

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