Arthur Street Dental

Will it hurt?

Anxiety about pain is something that can keep many people away from the dental clinic. As a result, your health and appearance can suffer. One of the most common comments from our patients is that they are surprised at how easy their procedure felt. 

Dr Justin Ward makes your comfort his biggest priority. Dentistry does not have to be painful. Proper application of anaesthetic is part of it, but feeling confident in your clinical team is just as important.

As a private practice, we are not limited in the amount of time we spend with each patient. By developing long-term relationships with our patients, we learn how to care for you in a highly personalised way. We also have a professional yet fun and relaxed approach to our practice because taking care of you is one of the greatest joys of dentistry.

If you feel anxious about your appointment or it has been a while since you last had a dental cleaning, just let us know how you are feeling. You might be surprised at how many people feel the same way. 

We look forward to making dentistry an easy and positive experience for you.

Contact our Coffs Harbour dental clinic to arrange a booking or for an enquiry about a particular procedure.