Dental Implants in Coffs Harbour

Life is meant to be enjoyed! Sharing food with friends and family at social gatherings plays a big role in many people’s lives.

With missing teeth, even these basic pleasures can suffer. Fortunately, dental implants offer a solution to missing teeth that is almost like having your natural teeth back again.

Dental Implant Diagram | Dentist Coffs HarbourWhy Replace Missing Teeth?

Leaving a gap between teeth often leads to a misaligned bite and bone loss. Adjacent teeth tilt toward the space, and teeth may no longer bite together comfortably.

Roots stimulate bone and keep it healthy. When tooth loss occurs, bone may deteriorate in a process called resorption. Healthy bone is the foundation for your teeth and also supports the facial structure.

Dental implants help keep your bone and bite healthy.

The Dental Implant Process

Dental implants require both planning and patience. The results are considered the most reliable and lifelike option available. You will actually have your smile back and be able to eat your favourite foods.

Dental implants need adequate bone to support them. Dr Ward has introduced the latest technology for greater precision. We use 3-D cone beam imaging to determine the precise location to place your implant.

Dental implants consist of three main parts:

  • Dental implant post – This replaces the tooth’s root. 
  • Abutment – This attaches to the implant post and supports the crown.
  • Implant crown – This is the part people see when you smile.

The dental implant post is placed directly in the jawbone and is made of titanium, which will form a bond with the natural bone. This is why dental implants are often favoured amongst patients – they do not move or shift.

The healing process requires patience. Complete integration can take six weeks to six months. Dr Ward will monitor your implant whilst you heal. We want to make sure that your implant integrates fully, because you will be adding force to it when you chew. 

Your dental implant crown will complete the process. Dr Ward will select a shade that blends perfectly with your natural teeth for a uniform appearance. He will then adjust your bite to ensure your teeth come together comfortably.

Protecting Your Dental Implant

A healthy dental implant has the potential to last a lifetime with the proper oral care:

  • Brushing twice a day and flossing daily
  • Regular dental exams twice yearly
  • Professional clean and polish twice yearly

Smiling Couple | Dentist Coffs HarbourPeriodontal disease often develops quickly, so maintaining your oral health is essential to both your dental implant and your natural teeth. If gum disease develops, it may destroy the bone supporting the implant, causing the entire system to fail.

At Arthur Street Dental, we believe in a proactive approach to oral health and will offer advice and personalised treatment to protect your smile. When combined with diligent home care, a healthy smile can last a lifetime.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

We welcome you to get in touch with our Coffs Harbour dental clinic to arrange a consultation with Dr Ward. He will explain all of your tooth-replacement options, so you can make the choice that works best for you.