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The connection between dentists and dental specialists

Patients are referred by dentists to the appropriate dental specialist when more challenging procedures need specialist care. I know it would be great if your dentist could fix everything, but sometimes it just isn't possible. A dental specialist is trained to focus on a particular area of dentistry and oral health.

More than one type of dental specialist exists

Think of it as going to see a mechanic. After considering the problem, the mechanic may send you off to a gearbox mechanic to get your gearbox fixed. They wont do everything themselves. They're called specialists because they offer specialised services. If you're wondering if one dental specialist is the most common, truth ...

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The Top 3 Myths About Teeth You Need To Know

Teeth myths abound in the world. They include the legend that soda will dissolve a tooth overnight — it won’t, at least not overnight and — the story about George Washington’s wooden teeth — they were really ivory and gold.

Unfortunately, teeth myths, mostly misleading and sometimes harmful, can affect your longterm dental health. Here are three of the top teeth myths.

Myth — baby teeth don’t require dental care

Children’s primary, or baby, teeth are not as strong as an adult's. Thinner and less dense enamel makes them vulnerable to the bacteria that cause decay and cavities.

The same bacteria that decay baby teeth can migrate to the gums and attack the adult ...

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Bruxism and Tooth Grinding

Bruxism or tooth grinding is very common, and you may not know you are doing it.

I would estimate that 80 percent of my patients show some kind of effect from tooth grinding at some point in their life. Grinding of the teeth during sleep, also known as bruxism, is a huge problem. Stress is the main cause of bruxism, but it's actually considered to be a sleep disorder. There has been no real diagnosis for why tooth grinding happens, but I tend to believe it͛s because life is different these days. There are now a lot more pressures, which is manifesting in jaw clenching and tooth grinding. Unless you have reconstructive dental work, which can be costly, the damage is pretty much irreversible.

When does tooth ...

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How to Pack a 'Tooth-Friendly' Lunch for Your Child

Kid in School | Arthur Street Dental

When packing up your kids’ lunches and sending them off to their kinders or primaries, it may not cross your mind that what they eat at lunchtime or snacktime will remain on their teeth until they get home or bedtime. What you pack for your child’s lunch can have an impact on their oral health and their risk for cavities.

At Arthur Street Dental, we provide nutritional counselling as part of our children’s dentistry programme in our Coffs Harbour, NSW dental clinic.

Of course, kids want their favourite foods, so rather than waiting for a battle to ensue, or find out your kids have traded your carefully thought-out meal for another child’s ...

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What’s different about Arthur Street Dental | Arthur Street Dental

You've probably noticed yourself; we do things differently here at Arthur Street Dental.

You’re right! There is something different about Arthur Street Dental. It comes down to a focus on patients, combined with the best technology and training.

You're our top priority

Some patients have said when they visit our practice, it is like stepping into a sci-fi movie. We place enormous value on using the newest technology available. Our latest high-tech gadget is an intra-oral scanner used for creating moulds. It eliminates the need for using awful gooey materials to make a mould, where often patients would gag during the process. Now we use a small intra-oral camera. It speeds up treatment time because we send off the impressions immediately, instead of using the ...

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How do dentists treat their own kids?

: When it comes to kids’ oral health, no-one knows more than a dentist. But getting kids into the h

When it comes to kids’ oral health, the key is to make things exciting. True, flossing is hardly a fun way to pass the time, but if you accompany each lesson with a song and dance, chances are your children will be more willing to pay attention.

I have two kids of my own: a seven and four-year-old. My daughter, the youngest, has proved especially headstrong when it comes to brushing her teeth. The key, I soon found, was to make it as fun as possible. I resorted to what I like to call ‘the fruit bat’ technique: holding her upside down by her feet while she brushed away.

Helping kids understand ...

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The History of Arthur Street Dental

Arthur Street Dental had been serving the Coffs Harbour community for over 30 years before I took over as General Dentist and Principal in 2009.

Throughout its history, the practice has maintained a reputation for creating smiles wider than the Big Banana. Since I have been operating the business, we have continued the tradition of professional service and gentle dental treatments. We take pride in providing the same care to our clients as we would our own family members.

Recent upgrades

We are constantly looking to improve on the facilities and services at Arthur Street Dental. If it has been a while since your last visit, you will notice a few changes.

Firstly, we ...

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