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Health-fund dental coverage—use it or lose it

Health-fund dental coverage—use it or lose itThe subject of health-fund dental cover is a tricky one. The rebate you receive will differ depending on your health fund and the treatment you receive. The way health funds cover dentistry is not necessarily about maximizing benefits for the customer. They’re a method of economising for the provision of services across the whole range of treatments—and customers. That’s why it’s important to choose a fund based on your own needs.Use your dental coverage or lose itI’ll start by saying if you don't use your health-fund dental cover, you stand to lose the rebate benefits. That’s the primary thing to remember when dealing with ...

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Straight Teeth - The Benefits Are Not Just Cosmetic

For many people, straight teeth are synonymous with the perfect smile. This is why millions of people seek out cosmetic dentistry services every year. Did you know, however, that having straight teeth yields more benefits than simply a perfect smile? Straight teeth can actually promote better overall oral health and physical well-being. Here’s a look at some of the lesser known benefits of straight teeth.Healthier teeth and gumsStraight teeth are easier to keep clean with basic brushing and flossing. Food, bacteria and other debris can become lodged between teeth that are misaligned. It can be difficult to reach in and around irregular areas created by misaligned teeth with a toothbrush ...

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The Importance of Oral Hygiene

When you make an appointment at a large dental clinic, you may find yourself meeting with the dental hygienist rather than the dentist him/herself. Some patients get a surprise as they didn’t realise the two were separate qualifications.So, what’s the difference?The profession of dental hygienist has been around a long time but people don’t always fully understand why they’re seeing a hygienist rather than the dentist. What they’re not aware of is that a hygienist goes to university and studies for three or four years to learn solely about oral hygiene and cleaning teeth.How a hygienist helps your oral hygieneDentists go to dental school for five years and only one ...

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Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime Starts with Family Dental Care

Every parent wants their children to grow up with strong, healthy teeth. It’s fair to say most don’t want their kids to develop cavities, an irrational fear of the dentist, or a condition that requires expensive orthodontic work.Building sound dental hygiene habits is a step in the right direction. But brushing and flossing alone often aren’t enough to address tooth decay or hereditary conditions like overcrowding.For healthy teeth for life, children need regular dental check-ups from a young age. Early dental visits—preferably with the same dentist that treats the rest of the family—can play a significant role in identifying and fixing dental issues before they become problems.Here are three reasons ...

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What to Look for in a Family Dentist

Are you looking for a dentist who can protect the oral health of your whole family? The right family dentist can look after the teeth of both adults and children, letting every member of the family enjoy good dental health. Here are five things to check for when looking for high-quality family dentistry in your local area.1. Experience in providing family dentistryThe best family dentists have years of experience in caring for children and adults. Check the website of the dentist or ask about their experience to find out whether they have the track record you expect. Children's dental needs can be quite different from those of adults, so check ...

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