Extractions and Root Canal Treatment in Coffs Harbour

We offer gentle extractions and root canal treatment in Coffs Harbour.Cartoon of a tooth | Dental Extractions in Coffs Harbour NSW

If you have ever experienced a toothache, you know how the pain can make it difficult to eat, sleep and concentrate. A mildly sensitive tooth can become excruciatingly painful with little notice as well.

When a tooth hurts, it is an unmistakable signal that something is wrong. Since toothaches rarely improve without proper treatment, contacting our Coffs Harbour dental clinic as soon as pain develops will allow us to treat the problem, so you feel comfortable again.

Your dentist in Coffs Harbour strives to treat dental emergencies on the same day, so if you have a toothache or dental emergency, we welcome your call.

Will I need a tooth extraction in Coffs Harbour?

Dr Justin Ward will save natural teeth whenever possible, but sometimes a tooth will not respond well to any treatment and will continue to cause pain. Additionally, a badly decayed or infected tooth may compromise your health or your surrounding teeth. In these cases, removing the tooth is the best way to protect your overall wellness and restore your comfort.

Teeth may require extraction for several reasons:

  • Severe damage
  • Deep decay
  • Infection or abscess
  • Before orthodontics or dentures
  • Symptomatic wisdom teeth

A dental extraction before orthodontics may mean a better outcome. This step is sometimes necessary if your jaw cannot accommodate all of your teeth. This type of extraction does not take away from your smile. Orthodontics such as braces or invisible braces close the deliberate gap.

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, years after adult teeth. In some cases, they only partially erupt or encroach on your adult teeth. You do not need wisdom teeth to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile, so if wisdom teeth threaten the comfort of your teeth or open your gum partially to infection, your dentist in Coffs Harbour may recommend extraction.

Removing a tooth does not have to mean the end of a beautiful smile. At Arthur Street Dental, we provide our patients with many tooth-replacement options to choose from:

  • Dental implants
  • Bridges
  • Partial dentures
  • Complete dentures
  • Implant-retained dentures

A comprehensive exam and consultation will allow you to discuss the process with Dr Ward. He can offer a wealth of information that will benefit you when making decisions about your smile.

What are the signs I need a root canal?

You can get a toothache for a variety of reasons, including root infection. Also, some symptoms can mimic similar conditions, but your dentist in Coffs Harbour will diagnose your toothache and provide the right treatment.

Signs you may need root canal therapy in Coffs Harbour include:

  • A raised area or blister on your gum near the painful or sensitive tooth
  • A toothache that may worsen with hot or cold beverages or food
  • A swollen gum or face

If you notice a sensitive tooth that does not improve or worsens, we encourage you to contact your dentist in Coffs Harbour to schedule an exam before tooth sensitivity has the opportunity to turn into a painful toothache. Additionally, with timely treatment, you may lower your risk for needing a tooth extraction in Coffs Harbour.

Is a root infection a dental emergency?

Typically, a root infection is painful, which makes it a dental emergency. However, in the early stages, you may not have a full-blown toothache. Regardless, if your dentist in Coffs Harbour discovers a root infection upon exam, he will schedule you for root canal treatment sooner rather than later to increase the odds of keeping the tooth, and to prevent the pain of infection.

In our dental practice, we like to take a proactive approach to your dental care, which means we treat your dental health issues in a timely manner. We are concerned about your comfort and overall wellness.

What happens during root canal therapy in Coffs Harbour?

Sometimes, root canal treatment can save a tooth from extraction. Many people associate root canals with pain, but these symptoms are actually related to the infection, and a root canal can provide welcome relief.

Common symptoms that may indicate a root canal is needed include:

  • Swelling near the tooth or jaw
  • Sensitivity to pressure or temperature extremes
  • Facial pain
  • Tooth discolouration
  • A hole or white bump on the gums

Root canals require prompt attention and will improve the chances of successful treatment. An emergency dental exam can determine if your tooth needs a root canal.

For your root canal treatment in Coffs Harbour, your dentist numbs the area. Then he gently removes the infected root and pulp, closing with a temporary filling to promote healing. At a later date, you may need a tooth crown to support this tooth.

You should feel better immediately, but you may notice mild pain or slight swelling for a day or two following your treatment. This is typically remedied with pain medications purchased in shops.  

What should I expect at my appointment?

Expect a caring team and gentle dentist working to make you feel comfortable and to eliminate your pain.

Diagnosing a root canal infection requires an x-ray and a few simple tests. We prioritise patient comfort and will completely numb the tooth so that you do not feel pain during the procedure.

Once the need for a root canal is determined, Dr Ward will use small cleaners to remove the infection from inside the tooth along with all damaged tissue. By eliminating the source of the problem, your body will begin to heal. To complete the process, Dr Ward will seal the tooth. In most situations, a dental crown provides the best protection.

Most patients report little discomfort after root canal treatment, but some tenderness when biting is normal. It should improve within a few days. 

If you are undergoing a tooth extraction, your dentist numbs the area thoroughly before beginning treatment. Typically, you feel pressure during the extraction, but you are unlikely to feel pain.

How can I prevent these problems from recurring?

Root Canal Diagram | Dentist in Coffs Harbour NSWThe best way to prevent infections, decay or tooth trauma is by taking proactive steps to keep your smile healthy and safe.

Your dentist in Coffs Harbour recommends keeping your mouth clean with an excellent oral hygiene routine at home. You should also schedule and keep regular appointments with your dentist for cleans and exams.

Brushing and flossing regularly at home clears debris and bacteria from your teeth—the components that cause decay and infection.

However, for stubborn bacteria and resistant tarter, you may rely on professional teeth cleaning in Coffs Harbour. Additionally, regular dental exams promote better oral health because your dentist can point out problem areas in your mouth, notice areas your toothbrush may be missing or discover decay or infection before pain sets in.

If you are competing in sports or high-impact games, you should consider a mouthguard or the proper face gear to protect your smile from sudden trauma.

At Arthur Street Dental, we are here to provide specific instructions for your smile health as well. It is our goal that your smile remains healthy and comfortable.

Tooth Extractions and Root Canal Therapy in Coffs Harbour

If you have a toothache, our Arthur Street Dental team is here to help you feel like yourself again. Whether you are currently a patient or you’re looking for a new dental clinic for your family, we welcome you to contact us.