Full Smile Makeovers in Coffs Harbour

Sometimes life can take a toll on teeth. Accidents, clenching and grinding, and limited access to dental care in the past may mean that teeth no longer feel comfortable or look the way you want them to. Unfortunately, this can keep people from smiling or enjoying a healthy diet.

At Arthur Street Dental, Dr Justin Ward will offer options to give you a comfortable and beautiful smile you feel proud of.

Man Smiling | Coffs Harbour DentistFoundational Dental Treatments

The presence of gum disease can inhibit the success of your dentistry. Fortunately, our Coffs Harbour dental team can address periodontitis with a series of dental cleanings designed to eliminate bacteria and inflammation.

Our hygienist is gentle and has a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve and maintain healthy gums.

By starting here, you will have a stable foundation for your new smile.

Fixing Worn or Damaged Teeth

Years of wear, decay or even trauma can affect how your teeth come together. Extractions and dentures are one option to solve the problem, but a full mouth rehabilitation is another.

Today’s crowns are durable, aesthetic and more affordable than ever. Placing dental crowns on damaged teeth not only reduces pain and sensitivity but also rebuilds a worn bite. Using a combination of dental crowns and veneers, you can have a fully functional and natural-looking smile again.

You will have the opportunity to choose what you want your new smile to look like. Dr Ward will discuss how certain treatments will affect your appearance.

Woman With glasses smiling | Dentist Coffs HarbourReplacing Missing Teeth

Missing one tooth is an inconvenience. Missing multiple teeth can mean eating and speaking are difficult. By replacing missing teeth, you can enjoy full function for eating all of the foods you love and the confidence to smile.

Dental implants – Opting for dental implants is almost like having your real teeth again. They fuse directly into your bone and become a stable part of your smile. Dental implants also offer additional support for bridges and dentures.

Dental bridges – Dental bridges hold teeth in place and fill the space left by a missing tooth. Dr Ward designs beautiful bridges that complement your appearance.

Dentures – If you are missing some or all of your teeth, dentures are a reliable option. Today’s dentures fit better and look more natural than the dentures of the past. Dentures have some limitations and may take a bit of getting used to but still remain a popular choice for patients with tooth loss.

We Welcome Your Call

If you are tired of a limited diet and feeling self-conscious about your smile, contact our Coffs Harbour dental clinic to learn more about the benefits of full smile makeovers. We work with our patients to ensure they have the results they want.