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Awesome Anatomy: Chomping at the Bit

March 31, 2020
Posted By: Dr Justin
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Learning life science? Get to know humans inside and out with these simple anatomy colouring pages. Humans have 32 teeth, including "wisdom teeth." This diagram covers the other 28.   

Adult teeth include incisors, canines, premolars and molars

  • 8 Incisors- Your four front teeth on the top and bottom, used to nip and cut food.
  • 4 Canines- The pointed teeth on the top and bottom, used to rip and tear food.
  • 8 Premolars- These teeth are between the canines and molars, used to grind food.
  • 12 Molars-You have 8 molars top and bottom, this includes wisdom teeth. They have broad chewing surfaces used to grind down food before swallowing.

click on the link below for free teeth anatomy printable.


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