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Clear Alignment Options for Your Smile

March 28, 2022
Posted By: Arthur Street Dental

Are you curious about how your smile would look if you’d had braces at a younger age? Maybe you’ve discussed teeth alignment options with your dentist but still have questions. What is the best way to get the smile you’ve always wanted? Fortunately, patients can straighten their teeth with the help of Invisalign and ClearCorrect invisible braces and achieve great results without the hassle of traditional braces.

How Do Invisible Braces Work?

To effectively straighten teeth, invisible braces rely on a series of clear aligner trays that slowly adjust teeth over a predetermined period. Patients should wear their trays from 20-22 hours each day for optimal results. At Arthur Street Dental, we offer our patients two types of invisible braces – Invisalign and Clear Correct.

Viable Tooth Alignment Options in Coffs Harbour, NSW

After an initial consultation, which option is the best for you if you are eligible for treatment with clear aligners? Both of our options work in similar ways and help patients achieve fantastic, straight smiles. Here are a few more details about each treatment:

  • Invisalign uses proprietary plastic and is a well-established alignment option developed after studying hundreds of materials to find the right fit. Whilst the aligners allow for a clear, durable fit. They may feel thicker or bulkier than other brands.
  • ClearCorrect offers patients effective results at a different price point than other tooth alignment options. The aligners used in ClearCorrect may appear less visible than Invisalign due to a thinner composition and a different type of material.

Both treatments give patients the advantage of reformed, happy smiles with slightly different treatment plans. Speaking with one of our professional staff at Arthur Street Dental can help shed some light on which treatment can bring out the best results for your smile!

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