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Thumb sucking

April 16, 2020
Posted By: William McGeachie
Infant sucking thumb | Dentist in Coffs Harbour

Thumbsucking is extremely common for all infants no matter their background and can vary in severity from child to child. Some may only suck as a way to soothe themselves for sleep, whilst others may keep their thumb stuck in their mouths day in day out to get through everyday dramas. 

Children will begin to stop sucking their thumbs between the ages of two to four or when their permanent front teeth begin to come through. However, some will continue the habit which can have negative effects on their dentition long term. Such effects include changes to the normal alignment of their growing dentition and also the development of their palate.

Possible Ways to Stop Thumb Sucking

Good ways to combat the habit include praise for your child when they stop by themselves, encouragement and removing them from areas of anxiety which could promote them to suck, or using bitter tasting nail polish purchased from chemists which can dissuade them from sucking.  

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