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What should I do if I grind my teeth?

If you grind your teeth at night, you should look at wearing a night splint or grinding guard. Most of us grind our teeth without even knowing it, and this will cause excessive wear on your teeth. The wear can be so extensive that expensive treatments are sometimes necessary to fix the issues that teeth grinding has caused. You can prevent this damage by wearing a night guard.

Night Guards in Coffs Harbour

To help our patients avoid dental problems caused by grinding their teeth, we provide custom-designed night guards in our Coffs Harbour dental practice. To do so, Dr Justin Ward takes impressions of your teeth. With the impressions, we create a night guard that perfectly fits your smile's contours, creating a comfortable, effective fit. The night guard keeps your upper and lower teeth separate while you sleep, so you can’t grind them together. 

Why Are Custom Night Guards Better?

A custom-made night guard is designed specifically for you, so it will offer you an ideal fit and feel. It should also provide you with the best results.

Arrange Teeth Grinding Treatment in Coffs Harbour

If you grind your teeth at night, we invite you to contact Arthur Street Dental to arrange an evaluation for a custom night guard with Dr Justin Ward. Our dentist provides excellent dental care in Coffs Harbour, and he never wants his patients to suffer unnecessary wear to their teeth due to untreated teeth grinding.