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Is root canal therapy a dental emergency?

If you have a root infection, root canal therapy is the ideal treatment. The alternative is tooth extraction.

At Arthur Street Dental, we consider a root infection a dental emergency because the infection can spread to other teeth or even to other parts of the body, compromising your oral health and overall wellness.

Symptoms of a Root Canal

In some cases, root infection is found during your exam, and there are no symptoms. Other times, especially if the infection is advanced or the tooth nerve is vital, patients notice:

  • Toothache, sometimes severe
  • Jaw pain and swelling
  • Bump on the gum

If you have one or more signs of a root infection or other oral health changes that do not improve, we urge you to contact your emergency dentist in Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Under our care, you’ll discover a gentle root canal treatment designed to ease pain and restore your tooth to health. The first step is a diagnosis, and then your dentist numbs the area needing therapy. We gently extract the root and pulp from your tooth and close it with a healing agent and transitory filling. At a future appointment, your dentist provides a permanent filling or a dental crown.

Dental Emergency Appointments in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Don’t suffer through a dental emergency—including a painful root infection in Coffs Harbour—the team at Arthur Street Dental is here for you. Contact our dental clinic to make an appointment.