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7 top tips for healthy teeth between check-ups

November 28, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Justin Ward
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You want to keep your teeth healthy between check-ups. It will save you money and make life much more comfortable. There are a few top tips I have, though, to ensure your teeth stay in the best condition possible.

Top teeth tip: Brush your teeth for two minutes

To give your teeth the care and attention they need, I recommend brushing for two minutes, twice a day. While some patients seem to think a quick 10-second spruce does the job, it doesn't. It just means you will end up having to see dentists like me more often. No-one wants that! I recommend setting a timer on your phone to get the timing right.

Top teeth tip: Hone your teeth-cleaning technique

We spend our lives cleaning our teeth twice a day, so you'd think we'd all be experts by now! However, we all hold on to old bad habits and miss the hard-to-get-at places. Electric toothbrushes lull patients into a false sense of security. However, if you're not using your electric toothbrush correctly, then its just as bad, if not, worse than using a standard toothbrush. My team of hygienists and therapists are happy to show patients new tooth-brushing techniques and guide them into commonly missed areas. A quick refresher course will do wonders for your oral hygiene.

Top teeth tip: Floss!

Us dentists all do our best to convince our patients to floss. The reason? Flossing is vital for your oral health. While there are many products on the market, I find Piksters to be very efficient and easy to use, as they come in different sizes to suit your teeth. It's like a tiny pipe-cleaner on a small handle. You'll find it easy to use, and it makes getting into those hard-to-reach places a breeze.

Top teeth tip: Sugar isn't just bad for your waistline, it’s terrible for your teeth!

Diet plays a huge role in your oral health. When it comes to decay, sugar is the worst culprit. The bacteria in your mouth eats the sugar, and then the sugar gets converted into acid. Acid then dissolves your teeth, with the result being tooth decay. However, you can minimise the bacteria in your mouth with good oral hygiene and cleaning. The other alternative is to decrease or even eliminate the amount sugars you eat. Your teeth and your dentist will thank you for it.

Top teeth tip: Install great dental hygiene in your kids

When it comes to kids and their oral health routine, we all could be a little more proactive in getting them into positive habits. A family that brushes their teeth together has better teeth together, especially if mom and dad brush their teeth for two minutes using an excellent technique! Think of monkey see, monkey do!

Top teeth tip: Teach your teenagers

The teenage years can be the wilderness years for a young adults teeth unless their parents make a concerted effort. Many teenagers let their hygiene slip, and consequently, their teeth suffer. Often I have seen that without parental guidance, a teenagers oral hygiene isn't maintained. While it's tricky to get a rebellious teenager to do anything, I urge parents to remain vigilant, so their teenager's oral health doesn't deteriorate, and all the good dental work of their childhood isn't undone.

Top teeth tip: Quit smoking.

I'm delighted to see more and more patients either quit or thankfully, never start smoking. However, it's worth reiterating just how awful smoking is for your teeth. It encourages the growth of bacteria as it thrives in the carbon monoxide environment that smoking tobacco produces. It is the same with caffeine. I'd recommend limiting your caffeine to one to two cups a day. And without sugar!

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